The Ultimate Guide to Properly Caring for Water Sports Equipment

How to correctly maintain your equipment

When owning water sports equipment such as kayaks, canoes, and paddle boards, it is imperative that you perform regular maintenance to allow for your equipment to stay at a good standard for a long time to come.

This can be accomplished using the tips below:


After using your Kayak or any other water sports product it is an important tip to dry it after every use. This is to reduce the build up of dirt as well as to remove bacteria and stains that could cause issues into the plastic of the product and cause weaknesses. It is also helpful to wash your product with soapy water to remove any stains and build-up of dirt and grime. When cleaning also make sure to remove any attachable and loose components and allow for it to dry naturally and thoroughly.

Protecting the plastic

The plastic in your kayak or Watersports equipment can weaken and bleach over time due to UV light. Therefore, it is good to spray the plastic with a UV protection spray to reduce the wear of the plastic and to store it away from direct sunlight to reduce the exposure.

Protecting the Plastic: UV exposure can deteriorate the plastic components of your equipment over time. Shielding against UV rays with a protective spray and storing the equipment away from direct sunlight mitigates the risk of weakening and discoloration. 


When storing your kayak or equipment you should ideally store it within an enclosed area without direct exposure to the sun that is ideally cool and off the ground. This will protect it from the weather and any small animals that might wish to make it their home. When storing it is also helpful to store it without straps on it. As continued pressure from straps can cause them to become deformed and warped. 

Repairing any damage

When you finish using your kayak, or water sport equipment make sure to check your equipment for any damage. This can be done by removing attachable components and checking for any damage. This also includes checking the hull and other components such as the plastic and rubber rims. Furthermore, any holes or bulkheads that needs resealing should be resealed and repaired.

Replacing equipment

Any equipment in your first aid kits or any other equipment should be replaced to be well supplied for whenever you might need them next. Any damaged equipment on your equipment themselves or additional addons to allow for them to work at their full functionality.

Also checking that your PPE (lifejacket) is working at its full functionality in order to protect yourself. You should therefore replace it if there is any damage in order to protect yourself.

By diligently adhering to these maintenance protocols, you can prolong the lifespan and optimise the performance of your water sports equipment, ensuring countless memorable adventures on the water.