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Designed in the UK and able to turn on a pinhead the White Water Tourer Kayak is the answer for adrenaline seeking adventurers. Complete with ergonomic seat for added comfort this kayak is a must have.

Our White Water Tourer has been especially designed in the UK. It has a wide hull and is capable of handling a wide range of descents up to a grade 3 (Level: Hard). With its adjustable backrest and footrests, it will fit you perfectly keeping you secure and comfortable whilst paddling.

The White Water Tourer kayak will turn on a pin head making it ideal for fun in faster waters and courses with twists and turns. It’s capable of keeping up when the pace quickens or with fairly big waves often found in grade 3 waters and in the sea. The moulded knee braces mean you can really push into your turns increasing your paddling efficiency.

The White Water Tourer kayak pack comes complete with our Spray Deck #4048 and Folding Kayak Paddle #3009.

Another feature of this White Water Tourer kayak is its extra security as it has a bucket storage hatch ideal for keeping your essentials protected and dry. In addition to this it also has moulded handles at either end meaning it can be locked up securely anywhere.

The White Water Tourer kayak is perfect for use on courses, the sea and faster moving rivers. If you are paddling on flatter, slow waters then you may find it a little harder to control and track straight but that’s because this kayak was built for so much more.

The White Water Tourer kayak is made of a proprietary blended polymer which principal component is polyethylene. We select our colour range carefully to mitigate any potential colour fade over time and use UV stable pigments. The core hull is a rotomoulded one piece mould ensuring the best possibly buoyancy and rigidity. This kayak comes with a user’s guide which includes details of the full one-year manufacturer’s warranty we offer.

Dimensions                        Cockpit approx. dimensions

Length: 265cm (8’8”)         Circumference: 214cm

Width: 68cm                      Length: 82cm

Height: 35cm                      Width: 49cm

Weight: 23kg

Capacity: 120kg (18st 12lbs)

Distance to first footrests: 84cm

Distance to last footrests: 124cm


✔ Strong moulded PE Hull

✔ Turns on a pinhead

✔ Ergonomic seat

✔ Internal adjustable footrests

✔ Moulded knee braces

✔ Adjustable, padded backrest

*Please note that all sizes are approximate, and the style and colour of the paddle shown may vary*

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The neoprene Standard Deck in Huge fits a treat and is available in 4 waist sizes. 

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