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The Riber Quick Release Waist Belt has been designed and manufactured in the UK by a White-Water SUP paddle instructor. Aimed to ensure everyone is safe on the water in rough conditions the Quick Release Waist Belt is a key piece of safety equipment.

Why do you need a Quick Release Belt for paddleboarding?

Your paddleboard is your primary buoyancy aid and your leash will keep you connected to your board for effective self-rescue. A Quick Release Waist Belt is an essential safety accessory for paddleboarding in moving water ensuring you can always quickly release your leash and board should they become entangled or entrapped on hazards such as logs, branches rocks, buoys, pontoons, and ropes etc.

This Quick Release Waist Belt fit comfortably around your waist or over your buoyancy aid to safely connect you to your paddleboard via a leash.


✔ Can be used with your existing ankle leash.

✔ Genuine Nexus Fixlock Quick Release Buckle with hi-vis pull toggle.

✔ Additional D-ring connection point for leashes fitted with a carabiner.

✔ Universal fit, made from one continuous 2m length of tough webbing that can be tailored to your waist or chest size.

✔ Innovative design using webbing adjusters to adapt the length of the belt to fit a range of waist sizes from 25” (63cm) to 60” (152cm)

✔ The central leash connection pocket can be adjusted in size or re-positioned to adapt the belt to your requirements either quick release waist belt, chest harness or towing belt. 

✔ Your Quick Release Belt can be adjusted and used by family and friends.

✔ Effective safety equipment for instructors to use in group sessions, clubs and centres.

Safety Note:

It is essential to avoid excess webbing protruding through the quick release buckle to enable the tail end of the belt to release as quickly as possible, a long, trailing tail end could twist and jam preventing an emergency quick release. Before using your belt, ensure that it is fitted correctly and practice a quick release on land.

How to use

  • Connect one end of your leash to the board as usual.
  • Connect the ankle cuff to the quick release belt connecting pocket.
  • Thread the cuff through the webbing and closing the Velcro strap or connect the leash using a carabiner.
  • Place the belt around your waist or over your buoyancy aid.
  • Feed the loose end of belt webbing through the open quick release buckle and pull tight.
  • If there is excess belt webbing of more than one hand span, use the side webbing adjuster to reduce the length of the belt webbing.
  • If the belt is too short extend the belt in the same manner.
  • Feed the loose end of belt webbing through quick release buckle and close to secure the belt.

Safety Note: - It is essential to have the minimal amount of excess webbing through the buckle to ensure an effective quick release.

  • In an emergency while paddling, where you are snagged by you board or leash, pull hard on the yellow toggle to open the quick release buckle to release your belt, leash and board.
  • Note: Connecting your leash to a higher body position lifts your leash free of the water, any possible snags and keeps the back deck of your board clear for your step back turns and any fancy footwork.

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