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The Riber 13 Two Seat Open Canoe boasts a modern and stylish design. Its features include a lower centre of gravity meaning the paddler has more control over the canoe. This also means that it’s possible to use a kayak paddle (a double bladed paddle such as our Folding Kayak Paddle #3009 which can be found here) if desired as opposed to a traditional Canoe Paddle #3007 which can be found here. There is a cup holder for your convenience and a folding backrest that allows for easy storage and transportation.  In addition to this the seat position can also be altered by sliding the seat along the side poles then locking it in place. This offers you the option of being able to paddle the canoe solo comfortably.

The Riber 13 Two Seat Open Canoe offers a classic design at unparalleled value. If you’re looking for a craft that looks the part whilst maintaining fantastic user experience, here it is. This Canoe has a lightweight and easy to use design that simply cannot be matched. For extra manoeuvrability this craft has built in keels running the length of the hull that helps to cut through the water and waves.  

The Riber 13 Two Seat Open Canoe also comes complete with two metal yokes for added strength and there are carry handles at both ends of the canoe.

This Canoe is ideal for couples or family expeditions. It paddles well on lakes, rivers and the sea so can suit many different locations. The lightweight construction means transporting this canoe is much easier than most. However, this also means it is not suitable for harsh environments and heavy duty paddling.

The Riber 13 Two Seat Open Canoe has a vacuum formed polyethylene hull construction It is made of a proprietary blended polymer which principal component is polyethylene. We select our colour range carefully to mitigate any potential colour fade over time and use UV stable pigments. The hull of the canoe has integrated keels for strength and increased tracking. This canoe comes with a user’s guide which includes details of the full one-year manufacturer’s warranty we offer.

Dimensions: Length: 396cm (13’), Width: 88cm, Height: 28cm, Weight: 29kg, Capacity: 200kg (31st 7lbs)


✔ Vacuum formed PE Hull

✔ Moulded seats

✔ Adjustable seat locations

✔ Capacity up to 200kg

✔ Two seats

✔ Yoke/carry poles for easy handling

✔ Suitable for solo paddling

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