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**Please note that at present we are unable to deliver our 3-man and 4-man canoes, these are available for collection ONLY from our warehouse in Clay Cross, Derbyshire**

If you are looking for an affordable and durable canoe that can fit in all the family then look no further. The Riber 16 Three Seat Open Canoe sports a classic design and provides great user experience. In addition to this it is one of the most affordable canoes on the market. There has been no compromise on comfort in the design of this canoe, the three seats are comprised of wooden struts and woven webbing. The Riber 16 Three Seat Open Canoe has an added strengthening bar on the floor of the hull and buoyancy blocks under the seats for added support.

The Riber 16 Three Seat Open Canoe can be accompanied by our Canoe Paddle #3007 which can be found here or the Fibre Canoe Paddle #3017 which can be found here. It can also be moved easily when on dry land with the Heavy Duty Canoe Trolley which can be found here.

The Riber 16 Three Seat Open Canoe’s length and beam make it an exceptionally sturdy and stable craft. This is ideal for paddling of rivers, lakes, canals and in the sea. It is so stable that it’s a popular option for Duke of Edinburgh Award candidates and scout groups. Its substantial build also lends itself to activity and hire centres as well as rental companies up and down the UK as well as in Europe. You won’t find a more durable craft than the Riber 16 Three Seat Open Canoe.

The Riber 16 Three Seat Open Canoe is perfect companion for family trips or expeditions. Capable of fitting in all your camping gear this is also a great option to family trips expeditions. It offers you to chance to explore the great outdoors from the water and encourages a keep fit lifestyle.

The Riber 16 Three Seat Open Canoe has a three layer polyethylene hull construction with the central, nitrogen blown, buoyancy layer which significantly increases the strength of the hull. It is made of a proprietary blended polymer which principal component is polyethylene. We select our colour range carefully to mitigate any potential colour fade over time and use UV stable pigments. The core hull is rotomoulded ensuring the best possibly durability and rigidity. This canoe comes with a user’s guide which includes details of the full one year manufacturer’s warranty we offer.

Dimensions        Length: 486cm   Width: 92cm       Height: 33cm      Weight: 46kg      Capacity: 425kg


✔ Strong moulded 3-layer PE Hull

✔ Nitrogen blown central layer eliminates the need for air bags

✔ Exceptionally sturdy craft

✔ Capacity up to 425kg

✔ Three seats

✔ Two moulded carry handles

✔ Perfect for ALL the family

✔ Added strengthening pole and buoyancy blocks

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