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The multipurpose Riber Bodyboard is perfect for all seasons. Ideal for surfing the waves at the coast or sliding down the hills and mountains in the snow - this will see you through the year. Made from High Density Polyethylene, the Riber Bodyboard is the most robust around. 

Thanks to the 4 grab handles spaces out on the sides of the Riber Bodyboard, it is even suitable as a tandem with a child and an adult. It is perfect for the whole family to enjoy for a multitude of uses, including to use as a knee board to ride the waves. This board is a fantastic addition to your next adventurous day out. 

Prevent beaches being littered by avoiding the holiday purchase of a one time use polystyrene body board. They never makes it home and have already been banned in many UK beaches. We were inspired by "Joe Lycett's Got Your Back" on Channel 4 and would recommend anyone considering buying to watch this clip - bodyboards should NOT be a single use item and by investing in a more robust product such as the Riber Bodyboard, you can ensure that it will be enjoyed for years to come.

Dimensions: Length: 120cm (47")    Width: 64cm (26.5”)       Height: 8cm (4”)            

Weight: 6kg    


✔ Bodyboard

✔ Coil wrist leash

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Great fun!

We took the body board out in Filey this afternoon, and we had a great time! The waves weren't great but with the handles on the board, we were able to pull our son along the sea until a wave came along which he loved! The board floats well and when a half decent wave comes along, it rides it really well. The board is heavier than a traditional foam board, but should last a lot longer and has hand grips moulded into the bottom for easier carrying. The coiled ankle/wrist strap meant we didn't loose the board when we fell off which was a bonus! We used a surf board backpack carrying strap to make the treck down to the beach easier, it was too big to fit our normal bodyboard bag. Can't wait to see how it handles if it snows!